SIEGFRIED Rheinland Dry Gin

Handcrafted, micro-batch Gin – Hergestellt im Rheinland

Siegfried Wonderleaf

Gin? Non-alcoholic!

It’s time for a little revolution…

Unbelievable but true: World-wide top awarded Siegfried Rheinland Dry Gin is now available as a non-alcoholic version.

Well, actually it is not a gin as gin requires 37,5% Vol alcohol by law. Instead Siegfried Wonderleaf brings the full flavor of 18 botanicals straight into premium longdrinks and cocktails. Perfect for those who can’t or don’t want to drink alcohol. Right, Wonderleaf is not made for replacing gin, but to offer a solid, premium alternative for various situations.

It all started with a social media prank on April Fools’ Day 2016 when we announced the non-alcoholic “light” edition of Siegfried Gin. The feedback was overwhelming and made us start the development. We never lost track of our goal: To create a non-alcoholic, pure distilled, artisan version of our gin using only real botanicals.

Siegfried alkoholfrei
  • Non-alcoholic
  • 18 Botanicals
  • No Sugar
  • Natural flavors
  • Vegan
  • 2 kcal/100ml


Does Siegfried Wonderleaf taste exactly like Siegfried Gin?
No, Wonderleaf does not contain alcohol and the taste of alcohol should not be tried to be imitated. The special thing about gin is not the alcohol, but the balance of aroma. Yes, this was achieved in Siegfried Wonderleaf! You should try it!

Is Siegfried Wonderleaf made for straight drinking?
No, it was developed to show its full flavor profile in mixed drinks.

Is Siegfried Wonderleaf recommended for pregnant women?
Yes, this is no problem at all.

How to store Siegfried Wonderleaf?
Once opened you can enjoy Wonderleaf at least 8 weeks without refrigerating. Still, we recommend to store it away from heat.

How is Siegfried Wonderleaf made?
We worked quite long on a technique to extract our botanicals by traditional distillation and still being non-alcoholic. We cannot reveal the exact procedure, but be sure that we macerate and distill very similar to a classic gin

Is Siegfried Wonderleaf vegetarian/vegan?

Does Siegfried Wonderleaf cost as much as the gin?
No. The manufacturing process is more complicated than gin, but there is no alcohol and no alcohol duty. This makes it cheaper than Siegfried gin.

Can Siegfried Wonderleaf only be enjoyed with Tonic Water?
No. Wonderleaf is a generic base for cocktails and longdrinks. Feel free to try in in a variety of cocktails. We will publish some very soon.

Order now for EUR 18,90 (Germany only)